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Any accident that involves a commercial vehicle can quickly turn serious. These accidents often result in extensive damage. Soyars & Soyars in Texarkana, TX represents clients involved in commercial vehicle accidents. If you're involved in an 18-wheeler or trucking accident, the team of Soyars & Soyars will seek compensation for you.

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What makes trucking accidents complicated?

Commercial vehicle accidents present unique challenges that you and your attorney will have to overcome. These situations can be especially complicated because:

  • Evidence is taken away when it leaves the scene
  • Large trucking accidents can cause SERIOUS bodily injuries and even DEATH
  • Truckers are often REQUIRED to call their companies even before they call 911
  • Trucking companies are often one step ahead by removing the evidence
  • Let an experienced attorney track down the evidence and preserve it for your case's
Not only is more on the line after an accident, but getting a hold of the driver or the driver's company can be more difficult. You have enough to deal with, so if you have questions or concerns about your accident, let us do the work. Schedule a consultation with Soyars & Soyars as soon as possible.